Private publishing


With Private publishing it is possible to send an announcement by email to specific recipients.

This is in opposition to the regular publishing, where announcements are send to a list of subscribers on CargoUpdate (opt-in) which can’t be changed by the publisher.

There is a maximum of two (2) Private Announcements per month


Recipients of private announcements may be inserted manually or through distribution lists.



1.  Creating private announcements


  • Click on [Manage]
  • Next, click on [Add announcement]


  • Select the category ‘Private announcement’ and click [Next]



1.1  Inserting the recipients email address manually


  • Fill in the email-address at the field ‘Recipients’
  • To insert multiple email-addresses, separate them with a comma



Note: the addresses which are manually added to the Recipients field will not be stored for later use.



1.2   Select a predefined distribution list


  1. Select an email-distribution list from the dropdown list.
  2. Click [Add]
  3. The addresses are inserted in the Recipients field.




1. Please refer to the next chapter for more information on creating and maintaining distribution lists.

2. When no distributionlists have been created, the option " - add from distributionlists - " will not be visible.



2.  Creating and maintaining Distribution lists


To avoid manual and repetitive labor, email-addresses can be stored in distribution lists.


  • From the menu, click on [Manage]
  • Next, Click on [Distribution lists]



2.1  Adding a new Distribution list


  1. Click [Add]. The Create distribution list screen will appear
  2. Define a name for the list and click [Save changes] To exit the screen without storing the new list, click [Cancel]
  3. The Edit distribution list screen will appear.


At the Edit distribution list screen, members can be added either manually or can be uploaded from an excel sheet.



2.1.1  Manually adding members to the Distribution list

  1. To add an address manually, insert the name of the member and the email address.
  2. Next click the [Add] button. A new empty line will be added to enter the next.
  3. Continue until finished and click the [Save changes] button. To leave the list without storing any changes click [Cancel]



2.1.2  Importing members to the Distribution list


To upload names and email-addresses, copy/paste from for example Excel into the Import addresses box.

  1. Copy data from – for example – Excel.
  2. Paste the data in the Import addresses box.
  3. Click [Next].


  1. At the next screen, select the appropriate column headers.
  2. Uncheck any lines that should be skipped.
  3. Click [Next] to continue.
  4. An overview will show what will be imported.
  5. Click [Import] to continue.

The overview screen will be shown – with all the new members included. Continue adding or uploading if needed and click 

[Save changes] to store and exit.



2.2  Maintaining existing Distribution lists


To delete a Distribution list, select the checkbox in front of the list and click [Delete] This action can’t be undone.


To edit a Distribution list, click the pencil icon in the edit column


The next screen will give options to add or delete members or to change the name of the list.


For more information on adding members, please refer to the previous chapter.


To delete a member, select the checkbox in front of the name(s) and click [Delete].

To edit a member, click the pencil icon.


Click [Save changes] to store any changes.

To exit without saving any changes, click [Cancel].