The moment you subscribe, you can set-up your email-filter. 

To fine-tune at a later moment - because you want to get more (or less) messages via e-mail - you first need to login.

Then click on [set preferences]

A new window will open. Your present filter settings are shown.

  1. You can add an extra filter by clicking [Add email filter]. You can add as many filters as you like 
  2. You can remove a filter by clicking [Remove] 
  3. When finished adjusting, click [Save changes] to store any changes you have made

Below example is set to receive:

All announcements from all carriers which have published in the Netherlands - except for the categories Embargo and Press release


All announcements with category Embargo, from all carriers which are published in any country within Europe


All announcements with categories Surcharge and Press release, from carriers KL, BA, LH, SV, QR and JP which are published in any country of the world.