After you have successfully logged in, your name will appear in the right upper corner. Now you will be able to create, maintain and manage your operational announcements.



  • Click on [Manage]
  • Next, Click on [Add announcement]



3.1   Select your announcement type and language

Select the category. Make sure the most appropriate category is selected, as this will influence the value of your message and who receives it via email. For more information on ‘Private announcements’, please find our special manual here
  • Select the language. English (EN) is set by default, but can be replaced by any other language. Type in the language code or select a value from the suggestion list. Most commonly used are EN, DE, NL and FR. It is possible to create an announcement in more than 1 language, so your customers will view the announcement in the language of their choice. If you do so, you will need to create your message all of the selected languages as well.
  • When any template(s) have been created for your company, you will find an option to select the template. Otherwise the field will be invisible

  • Click [Next]


3.2   Creating your announcement


1.  Announcement information


The announcement information fields on top might change, depending on the selected Category.


Complete at least the mandatory fields. They are easily recognised as they contain an asterisk in the title (e.g. ‘Publish date*)



1. Publish on behalf of*: If you are a GSA, you can publish on behalf of one of the airlines you represent.

2. Carrier Code: If the 2-letter code is inserted, subscribers will be able to filter and search on this carrier-code. Not mandatory.

3. Languages: The language is taken over from the initial ‘add announcement page’. It can be changed here. If multiple languages are used, the announcement needs to be created in all of the languages selected. To select one of the languages, use the drop-down language selection-field (this will only display the specified languages)To remove, change or add languages: just change or add the 2-lettercodes in the Languages field and click save to apply changes.

4. Category*: Has been set on the previous page. To change the Category, the easiest way is to press the button [Cancel] and go back one step. If you need to change the Category after you have finished the announcement (and you don’t want to lose your work) you can pick another Category from the drop-down list and click [Save]

5. Effective from: just information, shown at some categories. It will not postpone publication.

6. Publish date*: The date from which an announcement will be visible on the homepage. It will be e-mailed to the subscribers at the publication date as well. Defaulted to the creation date, but can be changed.

7. Effective to: just information, shown at some categories. It will not remove the publication after the set date.

8. Publish location*: provide the relevant location of the announcement (i.e. concerning Asia). Various types of locations can be used: e.g. airport code, airport name, city code, city name, country code, country name. For cities and airport 3 letter codes are used; countries are recognized by 2-letter codes

9. Type: Only available at category “Surcharge”. Option to select Fuel or Security surcharge. Can be used by subscribers to filter or search. Not mandatory


Some categories will show some other fields, such as origin and destination, flight-number or surcharge-type. None of these extra fields are mandatory and are for information purposes only.


Enter the title of the announcement in the [Title] section. This title will be shown on the announcement preview at the homepage.



2. Completing the summary


Write a short summary about the content of your message.


This summary will be visible, together with the title, on the CargoUpdate homepage.




If you want to copy from an existing document into the summary field, do not copy/paste your text straight from a formatted document (e.g. MS-Word) Instead, select the summary text from an existing document then copy (CTRL-C) and right mouse click in the summary field and select ‘Paste as flat text’ Or type it directly in the summary field.

Note: the Summary may not contain HTML or pictures, just plain text can be used.




3. Creating the announcement



Insert your text and, if applicable, your pictures in the announcement box. For every announcement you create, use a template or company logo as a header. 

The size of the field will automatically enlarge when text or pictures are added.

Text editing


The HTML editor allows you to format text in a number of ways. Click in the field [announcement] to activate the buttons first. A blue line will appear around the announcement field to indicate it is active.


All regular text-edit options are available. Start with selecting the text which needs formatting and:

  1. Apply Bold, Italic, Underlined or strike-through
  2. Align Left, Center, Right or Justified
  3. Apply Numbered- or Bulleted list. Decrease- or Increase indent
  4. Apply Font Size 1 upto 6 (8pt upto 24pt) or Font Format (Paragraph, Pre & Heading 1 upto 5)
  5. Adjust color with the color-picker
  6. Add a hyperlink and remove a hyperlink (see below)
  7. Insert an Image (see below)
  8. Edit, add or remove HTML-code manually 


Adding a hyperlink or clickable email address


A hyperlink can be added by selecting a single word or (part of) a sentence or by marking an image.


Then click the ‘chain’ icon. A window will open in which you need to complete the URL, give it a title (optional), mark if the link should open in the current window or in a new window and click [Send]

A link to an e-mail address can also be added: insert mailto:xyz@xyz.xz (replace xyz with the emailaddress) at the URL-field



Inserting an image


Before an image can be inserted in an announcement it has to be loaded onto the CargoUpdate server. Once it is loaded on the server, it can be used until the picture is manually removed.


Note: Before an image can be removed, make sure it is not used in an announcement. Deleting from server also means deleting from an announcement and from already delivered e-mail



Select the button [Add] image.


The Select images screen will show. Previously loaded pictures can be selected, images can be managed in folders, new images can be loaded etc.




  1. select picture from the CargoUpdate server. Locate the picture and click [Select] The window will close and the picture will be inserted on the last location of the cursor,
  2. insert a picture from your local pc (local file). Select [Upload images] Browse through your own files and select the picture you need to load onto the CargoUpdate server. It will appear in the picture overview. To insert this picture in the announcement, click on [Select] (1)
  3. leaving the screen without selecting a picture, click [Close]
  4. to delete or scale the picture or to view full size, click the triangle in the lower-right corner of the miniature. A menu will appear from which the desired action can be selected.
  5. In order to organize your files, you can add folders. Click on [Add folder] Choose a folder name and click [Create]
  6. to move up one folder-level, click the icon on the left top corner of the screen


Note: To get the best result, use images with a max width of 700 pixels To resize after upload, click the triangle in the lower right corner of the image and select ‘resize’. Entering the width is enough, it will be scaled proportionally.



* Never include rates in your announcement. *





3.3   Publishing operational announcements

Click [Save Changes] to store the announcement for later editing or click 

[Publish..] to store and to show a preview on how the announcement will look after publishing:

1. The header contains the number of subscribers that will receive the announcement 

2. Shows the summary as displayed on the CargoUpdate announcement page.

3. Shows the announcement itself.

4. This is how the email to the subscribers will be shown. To send a test e-mail to yourself, click the blue [send test email] button which is found at the top-right corner of the preview.

5. Click [Publish] at the right bottom corner when the announcement is as it should be. Click [Close] to return to the Edit announcement screen. The announcement will be visible on the CargoUpdate announcement page and is send by email to the subscribers at the same moment. Only when the publishing date has been set to a date in the future, publication and e-mail will be postponed.


Depending on the resolution of your screen, the previews are shown either side-by-side or top to bottom.

Note: On the announcement-page, the title and the summary are being displayed. The announcement itself will only be visible by clicking the title or the ‘read more’ link.


3.4   Managing existing announcements


  • Click on [Manage]
  • Next, Click on [Announcement management]


An overview will be shown with all previously created announcements. The column ‘published’ will indicate whether an announcement has been published (true) or not(false)

The [delete] button will irreversible remove the selected announcement from the cargoUpdate site.


To go back to the home-page of CargoUpdate announcements,

click the link ‘Announcements’ on top


Note:Changing and updating the text or deleting the entire message after publishing will not change the email already sent out.